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How to use a Wire Feed Welder for the First Time

There are two basic types of welders, and they are a stick welder and a wire feed welder. When you are learning how to use a wire feed welder for the first time, it is important that you start off with a machine that is easy to

How to Set Up a Cutting Torch Safely and Efficiently

The most commonly available cutting torch is the oxy-fuel  or oxy acetylene torch, and it is used to bond two pieces of metal together using very high heat. The oxy-fuel cutting process is accomplished by bringing the base metal to a molten state, then introducing a high-pressure

How to Read Weld Symbols From a Welding Diagram

Terms in welding are communicated through drawings and symbols. By being able to understand the welding symbols, one can easily read a welding diagram. When you are working with a welder, you could be puzzled when trying to figure out what they intend to do as they