Review of the best welding helmets 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Welding helmets are headgears or covers that are commonly used in welding workshops for protecting the face , eyes, neck and the entire head from welding infrared rays, flash burns , heat and ultraviolet rays.

Best welding helmets review - Cool welding helmetsThese rays from welding points can cause damages to different parts of the body like either harming the skin, the eye retina which if advanced can cause blindness and other eye complications. Helmets are mostly used in places where arc welding activities are done; these arc welding activities may be gas metal, gas tungsten, and shielded metal arc welding.

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Helmets are mostly used in places where arc welding activities are done; these arc welding activities may be gas metal, gas tungsten, and shielded metal arc welding.

Helmets help in prevention of complications like: inflaming of eyes, red eyes, retina burns and other physical harms in the workshop. Welding helmets have a window space through which the user of the machine sees through during work as they cover the whole head. There are different materials that make the window pane of helmets which may include: tinted plastic, tinted glass and different filter made polarized lenses. All these materials aim to protect the welder.

How to choose the best welding helmet

Welding helmets are very vital in a welding workshop for the protection of the infrared and ultraviolet rays from the welding arcs. The welding helmet is basically the best protective measure an individual can have, this means that users and workshop owners should aim at getting the bets welding helmet.

As other commodities in the market so are the welding helmets. They vary from quality, material and price. Stipulated below are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a welding helmet?

Auto/passive darkening lens

The auto lens is dark and coated with ultraviolet and infrared sensitive materials. There are different numbers of shading lens; they are commonly rated as 3 or 4. The lens should be coated in a way to enable the user see through to the material being worked on. On the other side the passive lens are easy to get and have ten different shades.  The auto lens is more preferable than the passive lens and they offer different quality work.

Helmet weight

For the risk of fatigue and short working hours an operator or user of the helmet should focus on choosing the light helmets. This would improve comfort of the user and also increase the working hours as it is accommodatable.

Varying / fixed rays

This mostly necessitates the usage of the helmet. Many users handle different welding materials thereby this calls for usage of varying lenses. With the passive lens it would be difficult as one will have to purchase many types with different lens but the auto adjusting lens eases the work and allows for flexibility of work and saves time because the helmet self-re-adjusts.

Lens switching speed

This is how fast the auto adjusting lens machine is. Different helmets have different adjusting levels. Users should focus on getting the fastest adjusting lens machine to aid in their jobs.

Number of sensors

Different helmets have different number of sensors. Customers should aim at getting the helmets with the highest number of sensors because the more the number of sensors the better the coverage of the product.

National safety standards

This are set standards that a helmet should meet in terms of lens darkening, speed of switching from one mode to the other and other specifications for a standard lens. Different countries have different standards. Customers should make sure that the standard of the machine confines with the set standard.

Top Recommendation welding helmet Review

The best welding helmets – Our top 10 reviews

Jackson safety W70 BH3 auto darkening Helmet

Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Balder Technology Review

This Jackson’s helmet is one among the best auto darkening welding helmet in the industry. The glass lens makes it outstandingly the helmet for full eye and neck protection.  It auto adjusts itself in the events of different metal work arts. It has an effective auto darkening filter which seizes different arc rays and allows the user to maximally and precisely see the material being worked on. It has a plastic cover that protects the user from over-heating work stations and safeguards the glass material in the cases of falling. This is one among the best welding helmet in the industry and market.

This helmet is purchased along other packaged properties that make it complete and amplify it to offer quality and effective services. Being a top welding auto darkening helmet the Jackson Safety W70 has different adjustable features which vary from panel adjustable to headgear adjustment levels. The adjustments are user friendly and can be adjusted without much reference. The adjustments mostly comprise of two to three buttons for the needed shade and delay settings of the helmet.

The Jackson Safety W70 is an ideal helmet for durable and reliable purposes. It is a dynamic role player which values quality and efficiency. With the best auto darkening helmet, the Jackson Safety W70 you are guaranteed of  efficient multi protection of eyes, long time service helmet, easily adjustable helmet and a comfortable to wear helmet.

3M speedglas 9100xx fx welding helmet

3M speedglas 9100xx fx welding helmet Review

This is one of the best welding helmets in the industry according to customers welding helmet reviews. The 3M speedglas has a unique feature that makes it exceptionally the best welding helmet in the market; it protects the user from all types of ray effects regardless of whether it is switched on or off. This makes it the most preferred choice for most customers both commercial and individual. This is an auto darkening helmet with superficial crystal panels that enable it to diffuse the arc rays by its glass covering.

It offers security and protection to the eyes and the neck from different angles and can work with it in different positions. It is adjustable to fix the required customer settings regarding the type of work and the density of the arc rays. It gives the options of readjusting its sensitivity and darkness shade for performing different functions. The helmet offers different roles including welding, torching and other activities.

The helmet is designed in way to prevent discomfort in place of work and it is intertwined with shade filters that increase the point of view for the helmet. This is an awesome welding helmet that provides customer friendly needs like: wide view of the working on unit, automatic and digitalized functions, reduced heating, durable and is light in weight hence user can maximize time when working on with the helmet. The 3M 9100 helmet has a wide view lens made of polycarbonate nylon material which is very sensitive and with a view of 12 x 11 x11 inches. Ti approximately weighs 2.1 pounds.

This is an ideal product for professionals and busy workshop operators who fancy for a unique touch to their work. Welding helmet reviews have shown that this is one of the top welding helmets with a cutting edge in its functions. It is effective, quality oriented and above all it has an outstanding auto adjusting speed that makes users cling on its back.

Rhino large view – carbon fiber rh01

Rhino Large View + Grind - Auto Darkening Welding Helmet review

The rhino large is an awesome welding helmet fixed with carbon fiber and other valuable materials that make the product deliver pronounced results. It is very light and comfortable to wear and work on.

Materials that make this helmet make it very durable and heat resistant hence user can work with it under different climatic and environmental conditions. It has a glass panel lens that gives the helmet a wider view for the working unit, the auto darkening helmet is contextually designed with 2 sensors which are separately powered by a packaged solar panel. The solar unit is backed up by two batteries for ensuring continued support in the cases of power failure.

The full package of the auto darkening and adjustable helmet has different control levels that dictate the state of sensitivity, delay, and the helmet shade. This helmet gives full supported protection of eyes, neck and the skin. Other features that make this helmet one among the best auto darkening and adjustable helmet are: its clean and sleek, gives a wide view, it’s light and portable and lastly it is durable.

Welding helmet reviews show that rhino large is greatly appreciated by the customers who have experienced its performance. They have recommended the helmet one of the best auto darkening welding helmets in the market.  This tool is fit for commercial and busy firm work in hand with individual workshop use. It is very effective and can offer services for a prolonged period of time.

Lincoln electric viking 3350 welding helmet

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding Helmet with 4C Lens Technology - K3034-3 Review

This is a splendid and out pronounced helmet in performance and quality which is basically made from a customized plastic that gives no room for heating and hinder harmful ray penetration. This helmet covers fully, the head and ensures more protection from physical harm from workshop accidents. It has a vast glass pane lens that helps in magnifying the vocal view point and enlarges the workable area.
The helmet is considered one of the exceptional performers by professionals who have used it before. It has one of the best auto darkening welding customer reviews where it is predominantly brought out for its success in the protection against harmful arc rays and physical head harms. It has four sensors that increase the coverage area of the helmet, has a glass sensor and shade adjustment properties for full and maximum protection. The product is solar powered with an incumbent removable back up batteries for ensuring no power break up when in use.

This is an ideal auto darkening welding helmet that has big front panel, its heat resistant, it’s fully concealed and it is all through pocket friendly. For easy and quick work set up secure yourself a Lincoln helmet and enjoy one of the most appealing welding experiences. It has been brought out as a top welding helmet by welding helmet reviews.

Hobart 770756 impact variable auto darkening helmet

Hobart 770756 impact variable auto darkening helmet review

This is a greatly advanced and exceptionally powerful helmet in terms of its screen. It gives a viewing area of 7 square inches and has 3 sensors that make it articulate in its performance.

According to customer helmet welding reviews this is one of the best welding helmet the industry has boasted for some time. It is very complete and has an automatic switch off point that cuts down the battery meltdown levels. It is very easy to use and always effective and precise to its function. It is made from polyamide, a material that gives the helmet astounding shape and reasonable weight for the user to be comfortable while working in it.

The Hobart 770756 is superficially designed to give some cooling condition for the user; this eliminates heat ups and uncomfortable feeling by the user. It controls the balance of the shade for the user and this helps in saving time. It is very reasonable to purchase the Hobart material for its features and guaranteed user support system.

This product has a package that comes along with it for proper running and effective control of your is sold with a warrant for in the cases of malfunctioning within a specified period of time given by the manufacturer. The warrant gives a benefit of no doubt for the buyers.

Advantages of using this helmet are

– it is light in weight and so doesn’t cause fatigue to the user,
– it is cheap equipment, and
– it is heat resistant and can stay for a very long time when taken care of.

This product has received the best auto darkening welding helmet reviews
from customers all over the world, its performance and precise quality work has made it the best auto darkening welding helmet globally. It has received 100% appreciation and recommendation from all the users who have tried its services. For professionals and workshop perfectionists Hobart 770756 will meet their needs to the mark.

Miller 251292 classic series 8-12 variable shade auto darkening Welding Helmet

Miller 251292 classic series 8-12 variable shade auto darkening Welding Helmet review

This is among the best auto darkening welding helmets in the market according to customer welding helmet reviews. It is equipped with a solar powered panel that helps the helmet run even in the cases of break outs. It has adjustable knobs for setting of the required/wanted shade and light by the user. Designed to cover the whole head including the ears the miller 251292 has many different special features of diffusing the arc rays and inhibiting entrance to the helmet. Offers complete protection and is very light users can withstand working on them for longer periods.

The helmet is very reliable and lasts long relative to care taken on it. Designed using a plastic material which is hard to break this helmet offers full cover and free air circulation when worn. It is one of the cheapest helmets, but its quality is astonishingly outstanding. Added advantages of the helmet are its cheap to purchase, very light and therefore does away with fatigue, very sleek in its make-up and lastly it lasts relative to the care taken on it.

Miller 251292 is a top welding helmet that produces pronounced results.  This helmet has been ranked one of the best auto darkening welding helmets from customer reviews. It is an ideal tool for odd hours working and quality assurance services.

Antra AH7-860-001X Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Antra AH5-350-001x solar power auto darkening welding helmet Review

This helmet is among the top rated welding helmets in the market. It is designed from carbon fiber, a very expensive and new material in the market, the Antra is an auto darkening helmet with an in built solar power panel that enables it to stand working even in periods of power break ups. This helmet is technically designed to perform its duties competently and stand in for the position of a welding partner to the user.

Magnificently propagated with 4 sensors that increase its coverage area Antra has got a very wide view coverage and is used from different purposes like MAG, MIG, TIG, plasma arc and carbon arc activities. Iit has an adjustable knob to limit and expand the features that have been designed with it.

The Antra helmet meets user demands in its comfortable fitting attire that specially designed for allowing head and face protection.  this helmet has a couple of characteristics which are: has an off and on button,  very easy to use, has got replaceable batteries, it has reflexive modes of darkening when sparks are produced to  protect the eyes, has a magnifying lens and above all it has a removable and washable sweat mask .

The helmet remains one of the most bought welding helmets and gives satisfaction to its users as portrayed by the welding helmet reviews.  Awesome welding helmet for clients who need a reliable, durable and effective machine, Antra AH5 is the machine for you. It has received the best auto darkening welding reviews from clients who have used its services. If you are looking for that easy to use, light and customer supportive helmet whether for commercial or for individual use the Antra AH5-350-001 solves your problems. 

Arcpro 20704 auto darkening solar powered welding helmet with grinding mode

Arcpro 20704 auto darkening solar powered welding helmet with grinding review

The Arcpro is remarkably among the best auto darkening welding helmets, this has been compounded from customer reviews. The helmet has an automatic darkening ability when subjected to sparks and any form of ray. It readjusts itself to counter the production of the excessive arc rays that harm the user. It has a very big viewing capacity for the user to be able to clearly see the platform being worked on. It adjusts its shade in the span of DIN 9 and 13 particularly for welding and 4 for gridding.

The Arcpro protects the head, eyes and the neck from welding sparks, ultraviolet and infrared arc rays. It is very fast and efficient in the response of ultraviolet rays, its auto darkening rate stand at 1/25000th of a second within the range of production of predominant light. The automated system stops immediately the sparkling stops.

This equipment has many other features that include: an on and off power buttons that help in fast operation of the helmet, three volts replaceable lithium battery, it meets the standard of America (ANSI) safety standards.

ArcPro is an awesome welding helmet for individuals and business owners who value quality, efficiency and the health. It is designed to meet all user needs in a quick and fast manner. It’s very high responsive to arc rays. To crown everything this is the best helmet for your money.

SUPERVIEW Rhino Welding Helmet

Rhino Superview is an automated ultraviolet and infrared adjustable protector. It stands out among the best welding helmets in the market that provide quality, effective and super control and body protection measures. Built with enhanced technology to counter harmful rays through auto-darkening within 1/25000 span of seconds when welding sparks are produced the huge lens Rhino assumes a top, effective welding helmet.

Physically designed with a hard nylon to make it light for avoidance of fatigue to the user this helmet meets almost all the world’s standard measure of helmet. It is very articulate in its performance and offers free air circulation and a washable dust protector that ensures proper cleanliness of the apparatus.

According to the customer welding helmet reviews this product has received five out of possible five stars of quality performance and this gives assurance for any future willing and able buyer of the product to invest in the apparatus without fear of quality or failure.

The rhino huge lens helmet prides in the quality and broadness of its lens which gives the user the privilege to have different angle views of the working platform. This builds up quality performance, effective work and gives the best out of the product. It has a 10.4 square, LCD illuminated, automated darkening viewing lens measuring “3.93 x 2.64”.  This value is almost double of the set standard viewing windows.

This product also boasts a solar fixed power panel for powering the helmet in the cases of power break ups, this advocates for non-stop working conditions. The lens is adjustable to enable the user to select the required, favourite or suiting mode of work lens view. This allows for flexibility and gives the helmet features to stand out from the other types of helmets. It also has delay option which enables the helmet to hold to dark state mode after welding stops, this is an adjustable state within the limits of .15 to .59 seconds.

The huge lens helmet has two sensors that broaden the coverage working platform. It has replaceable batteries which act as supplement for power supply, other packaged features of the helmet are: stick electrodes, MIG, TIG, Air carbon, plasma arc cutting, lens covers, 1.2 pounds weight and a warranty of 2 years.

This is one of the best and awesome selling welding helmets in the market. It has outstanding quality performance and its price is pocket friendly, which means it is affordable.

ArcOne Python Welding Helmet Professional Grade with 5500V Auto Darkening Filter (Fighting Tiger)

The Arcone 5500v is an auto-darkening helmet that has one of the most predominant level control of ultraviolet and infrared arc rays. This apparatus offers protection of the entire head covering the eyes to neck hence very protective even from physical harm or from falling objects from the workshop or any other work place. The helmet has a lock and comfort fit attire that enables it to be firmly fitted when worn.

The apparatus has breathing air spaces and this feature makes it one of the complete and awesome helmets to go for. The auto adjustment part of the helmet has a maximum of 4 light state and 9-13 dark state thus it allows the user to select different states of working interface. It has a viewing area of 5.2 square inches and a TIG amps rating of 5. It has various coverage area portfolios as it is instilled with 3 sensors.

The helmet is remarkably light this allows the user to hold on to long working hours without feeling tired or getting exhausted. This apparatus has a wide magnified view point that gives the operator flexibility of viewing the working on material from different angles. It is designed with an enhanced technology for offering efficient, hard to get quality from the other helmets.

Looking for that reliable auto darkening welding helmet? Arc-one 4000v will offer you durable and quality effective services. This helmet is pocket friendly and will always outperform in hard and busy working environments.


Helmets are different and made by different companies, their qualities, efficiency and performance differs due to this factor. They also have different weaknesses and strengths based on both long-term and short term; the important issue that a client or a customer has to consider is the quality so as to avoid the adverse body exposure from the extensive arc rays. The choice of the helmet to use determines the choice of health one will have after a continued use of the equipment. The other big side of the choice of helmet to use is to choose the best helmet for your money.

Helmets differ in size and weight. This is one of the crucial factors to consider when buying a helmet. Heavy helmets cannot be accomodated for long working hours or in busy firms relative to less weight helmets which are more comfortable and can stand long hours without fatigue effects on individual.

Helmets buyers should focus on making prudent decisions on the type of helmets to purchase based on quality and performance terms and not cost as many do. Cheap products come along with expensive maintenance fee.